Nudity shows the inherent beauty of the human body, but at the same time emphasizes vulnerability because we are exposed and lack “protection”. Although it is challenging to combine light, lines, and shapes to create fine art, I think the most difficult is to find the balance between the interesting but respectful compared to the simple, vulgar, or even sexist.

© Karl Forsberg 2020

TechniqueGiclée print (archival pigment)FormatSheet 32,9 cm × 48,3 cm / Print 29 cm x 41 cmPaperEpson Traditional Photo Paper, 330 g/m2EditionLimited to 20 + 5 APSignedDated, numbered and signed on verso (back)Price1 490 SEK / 145 € incl. Swedish VAT

Fine art prints – directly from the artist

Hotels, offices, public environments, or private homes – photo art fits in every context. So why not at your place? You can only buy my photographic art works directly from me. Prices are for single copies (printed sheets, not framed). For multi copies, other formats or special orders, I submit a quote. Welcome to call me on +46 708 825 060 or send an inquiry by mail.
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