I was out at sea (Kattegatt) a bit south of Gothenburg to cover a sailing race. It was the first time I did such an assignment, and it was fun. But after a few hours in a companion boat, with a hefty telephoto lens and constantly in search of action, I felt slight seasickness. Anyway, the magnificent sailing boat in the picture did not belong to the race and was some distance away. But it caught my attention with elegance and a harmonious feeling, in stark contrast to the smaller boats competing too fully in my immediate nearness.

© Karl Forsberg 2019

TechniqueGiclée print (archival pigment)FormatSheet 32,9 cm × 48,3 cm / Print 29 cm x 41 cmPaperEpson Traditional Photo Paper, 330 g/m2EditionLimited to 40 + 5 Artist ProofSignedDated, numbered and signed on verso (back)Price990 SEK / 95 € incl. Swedish VAT

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