As a child, I was fascinated by big cities. At that time, New York was the main metropolis in the world and the city I longed to see. But it would take until 2016 before I had the opportunity to travel to the US and visit NYC. I tried not to have too high expectations because I was a little concerned about being disappointed. But I didn’t, on the contrary. So the following year, 2017, I traveled back to explore Manhattan and meet with interesting people living on this elongated island. To me, this image of Melinda in the Lower East Side is the essence of that journey.

© Karl Forsberg 2017

TechniqueGiclée print (archival pigment)FormatSheet 32,9 cm × 48,3 cm / Print 29 cm x 41 cmPaperEpson Traditional Photo Paper, 330 g/m2EditionLimited to 20 + 5 Artist ProofSignedDated, numbered and signed on verso (back)Price1 490 SEK / 145 € incl. Swedish VAT

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